Landscape Design

What to consider when designing a landscape

Dawland Farms & Landscaping Inc. has helped many people across Ontario design and create the perfect landscape for their property. You may wonder why landscape design services are in such high demand. The main reason is that designing a functional landscape which that is also easy on the eyes requires quite a bit of skill.

There are many considerations to be mulled over when creating a landscape design. Here are a few of the considerations which Dawland Farms & Landscaping Inc. takes into account when designing a landscape for our clients.

What is the landscape for?

Knowing what the purpose the landscape will have is the foundation of any landscape project. Is it for relaxing? Is it for entertaining your guests? Are you into BBQing? Do you enjoy being outside all day? Perhaps what you are looking for is to patios, with a outdoor kitchen and pool along with plantings or maybe you looking for a hammock to relax and real a book by a water feature or do you want both? All of these purposes require very different layouts for the landscape in question.